Dropping quads out of a foam cargo plane? Sounds like Flite Fest is here! Join the rotary rotters as they quite literally “crash” this epic event.

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Special Thanks
Flite Test

-Pilots / Hosts-
Tommy Tibajia [UmmaGawd]
Steele Davis [Mr Steele]
Chad Nowak [FinalGlideAUS]
Kevin Dougherty [StingersSwarm]
David Windestål [RCExplorer]

-Production Team-
Chad Kapper – Executive Producer
Alexandr Kannskiy – Camera / Editor
Christian Kapper – Editor
Tatiana Kazak – Producer

Robot Race
By: Senbei

Future Forward
By: Score Squad

Come Get Some
By: Brightside Studio

5 AM
By: Senbei

By: Tobu
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Jack N Smoke
By: Brightside Studio

Darude – Sandstorm