.uav files for the Eachine Racer 250

Ali’s BETA .uav file for Aggressive settings.

Contains 3 settings banks:

The UAV is set with Setting Bank 1 for all 3 flight modes but you can mix as you please. Here are the specifications:

  • Setting bank 1: is for DAL 50x45x2BN, which works great!
  • Setting bank 2: is for DAL 50x40x3 and maybe other softer 3 blades props, these ones have higher P values and when setting bank 2 is used be aware that in some cases it may manifest high oscillations when throttle up or punch out.
  • Setting bank 3: is my original UAV (old UAV which worked fine).

All files are in .zip format, just download and unzip for the.uav file.

Note: These setting are for an aggressive tune on the Racer 250 using a large 3 blade prop, if you are have problems with your motors osculating, you should use the Ali’s STABLE .uav file.