Details: Eachine Wizard X220

  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: Wizard X220
  • Ready to Fly: Yes, RTF
  • GPS: No
  • Size: 29x29x23.5mm
  • Weight:  535 grams
  • Camera: 700 tvl Pal format
  • Flight time: 4-7mins (depends on your flying)
  • Availability:  NOW!
  • Price: US$179.99
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Download: User Manual here

Eachine Wizard X220 Complete Guide
Eachine Wizard X220 Complete Guide

Alright so you’ve got your Eachine Wizard X220 and you are super excited about flying this baby. Of course you should, but before flying read this Eachine Wizard X220 Complete guide first. This guide contains the possible upgrades for the Wizard, the tuning guide (remember this is betaflight not librepilot, you cant import settings over).

Step 1.

First things first, lets change the battery strap to the back plate. why? It allows you to strap the battery properly giving it a much more secure hold.

Both of Mode 1 and Mode 2 come with F3 6DOF flight controller and 2205 2300KV brushless motors now.
Update time: November 17th, 2016

Eachine Wizard X220 Complete Guide                         Eachine Wizard X220 Complete Guide

Step 2. Betaflight.

Update. If you are using F3 flight controllers, and flashed to betaflight 3.0. ignore the following posts.

F3 Flight controller stock pids are good enough for flying. all you need to do is change the RC Expo to 0.1 and the Strength for both horizon and stabilised mode to 20-30 

Betaflight is the newest gcs that eachine decided to use. All Wizards come preflashed with betaflight.

so the first thing you do after connecting the usb and letting windows install stillabs driver first.

Then you can connect to betaflight. (if you dont know what is betaflight, go to chromewebstore and download the chrome app)

these are my settings for betaflight. You can use cleanflight if you have used before.

Step 1. calibrate accelerometer put your wizard on a flat service to calibrate.


Step 2. you can set your min throttle to anything you like. I like to set it to 1070 because i know my quad is armed and it does not hurt anyone at this setting.


Step3. check your transmitter. Get familiarized with the controls first. there is a preview of the quad at the right of the screen, try your controls.


optional. setting an arm sequence and setting your flight modes.

I like to my arming to a channel, in this case its Aux 2. You can refer to your transmitter section in betaflight for this.

Since betaflights default flight mode is acro, i usually put the horizon (rattitude) followed by angle mode(stable)


Step4. FAILSAFE! Important. you want to know the cool thing about betaflight? auto failsafe(can be a pain or can be a life saver). you can set 2 modes , drop or land. I choose land, and the min throttle that i placed  was 1120.


ALRIGHT YOU have all been waiting for this THE PIDS.

*edit ( kindly change the transition to 30 for rattitude)

alternatively just key these in and you are fine.

I have toned downed the rates to 0.5 for apprentices ( this is up to the flyer you can go 0.4 if you wish), and increased the rc expo to 0.7(increase to 0.8 is also fine) lower it and its twitchier.. try out first you can increase your rates after you mastered acro.


this is much more stable, image-2

Final tip

Before you fly on FPV and changed have changed some pids, FLY ON LOS first get the feel of your throttle management and your controls.


DO NOT CALIBRATE ALL ESCs motor at once. This is a Naze32 Rev6 there are some issues with multiple esc calibration.

Calibrate them one by one. you have to set i have read the notice slider to arm, select motor 1 and max it. then plug in your lipo battery packs.

User Guide & upgrades

How to change vtx channels. following the menu that comes with the wizard, you can switch the channels by using a pin to change it. at 200mw its okay if you are flying with others. But if you are flying alone you can go 600 mw

Eachine Wizard X220 Complete Guide

You can get this for easier channel changing as well as better signal strength.

e35cdc99-699d-48cf-b140-c4caa61e70f1 OR 7d4e4a53-81ec-4002-8026-90eb054fc5ff

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FPV Camera

The stock camera is horrendous. please upgrade as soon as possible

Here are the upgrades. I personally use the runcam owl plus.

Runcam owl plus           Runcam Swift                 Runcam eagle                   Foxeer HS1177         Foxeer HS1190

6c7010ba-3d39-4aa6-b453-25a53b5fdbd2            acd98136-fc6c-4a17-9482-68b99a497b63                0a512ed6-22f0-4380-80c6-1c364c146345          53903e76-d863-4a22-a6eb-f7fb0a60b0c733577798-1bce-adde-11dc-ff71db281c1b

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So you have your eachine racer and alot of aomway antennas left?


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Lipo batteries.

For newbies please fly with 3s first. you can buy the stock eachine ones.

For advance flyers please go 4s to unleash the full potential of the wizard.


For repairs you can use buy the same motors from racerstar 2204-2300 but it wont be purple. However the motors for racerstar 2205-2300 is an excellent and cheap upgrade!


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Super motor upgrades

well this are the motors that have the most thrust in the market now if you want serious power


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IF You break something, i would like to congratulate you! you are getting good at Flying! the speed you are flying to break 4mm thick is very impressive.

Lets talk repairs here are the parts

ARMS                                              Bottom Plate                                     Top plate

e7fcb24b-bf70-4e4e-bdd6-37496ec3cd9b82bb880a-ddf3-3c51-b9ed-733b0fb980cd       085acec4-a66d-6b90-c9a4-9ee32656d8ae

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Mods mods mods, everybody love mods. BUT modding the Wizard is so simple, it makes the eachine look like a truck.

Things needed. ARE YOU READY?

  1. 3m foam tape
  2. zip ties,
  3. cutters
  4. electrical tape
  5. m3 hex screw driver.
  6. your fingers



remove the top plate and take out the side plates. this will shave some weight off the Wizard, as well as allowing air to cool your vtx even further


cut the zip tie off the right angle rp-sma connector. try to push the vtx further in. BEFORE Your battery strap.  and attach like so. Use foam tape to stick the vtx onto the carbon fiber. and zip tie the RP-sma antenna down. as well as your VTX.

This way your antenna is not upright but facing back. when you are flying the tilt of the Wizard will make the antenna upright. this not only protects your antenna but gives you better reception as well! if you are flying away from your fpv goggles it will ensure the antenna is still seen, and if you are flying towards yourself your antenna can still be seen.


next put the FSia6b forward, and stick it with the 3m foam tape. like so.


I am not a fan of zip ties on escs. use electrical tape to tape down your escs. remove the foam landing pads first before attempting this.


most important change your fpv camera. the connector for the eachine fpv camera is different from the runcam swift versions. you will have to cut wires and attach to the fpv camera.

Thats it! go ahead and try this mod and feedback to me. all my quads uses this style and my chances of breaking antennas and vtx have lessen alot!

Eachine Wizard X220 RTF Review

This has to be one of the best quads eachine build. Everything about the quad is of excellent build except the antenna and the fpv camera. To be honest i did race with the wizard. Another thing to note that if you want speed, this is suitable for you. But if you are a complete newbie, the wizard might be too much for you.

Be sure to check out our full review on the Eachine Wizard x220 here.


Overall Score

  • Quality 95%
  • Price 95%
  • Fun 90%