The SuprEZ Trainer from FMS is a delightful model that is a joy to fly. I’d put it right up their with my AXN in terms of “bang for your buck” and in this video I demonstrate the super-slow and super-stable flight characteristics of this great RC plane.

Yes, I bough this with $150 of my own hard-earned pocket-money and it will now become the club trainer — because I have another coming just for myself!

If you’re wondering where part 1 of this video is… I’ll upload it in a few days’ time but I figured that this would be a great way of avoiding the trolls who always moan when I upload part 1 of a multi-part video 🙂

My apologies for the shaky flight footage, the wife was doing her best.

Here’s a rundown of my thoughts regarding the FMS SuprEZ…

– very fast build (10 minutes if you’re good)
– good quality EPO with a nice finish
– very stable flying characteristics
– very low all-up flying weight (under 1Kg with a 1800mAH 3S pack)
– just the right amount of power for a trainer (not too much, not too little)
– able to handle windy, turbulent conditions despite the low weight
– nice big cartoony tires allow operation off rough and grassy surfaces

– the PNF version comes with a Deans-type battery connector (hello, 1980, we have your connector!)
– one of the undercarriage bolt-holes in this unit was improperly tapped and I had to re-tap it myself before I could insert the scre.
– the hardware (clevises, horns) are “adequate” but not exceptional
– the EPO is already wrinkling around the undercarriage mount despite no really hard landings (yet).

But in balance, this model is a definite 4.9 out of 5 in terms of value and performance. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt quite so satisfied with a fixed-wing purchase.

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