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Eachine VR D2 Review

If you are looking for cheap and good fpv, just to have a go at what it has to offer. The Eachine VR D2 is just for you right for you. Its 99.99 usd, cheaper than any fatsharks (no offense to fatsharks lovers). I am a every cent counts person and flying on a budget.

Fat Shark Teleporter V5 Combo Set

So many of us (myself included) jumped on these eachine vr-007 fpv goggles because the price was right… and it still is at $65, but for just a little more you can grab yourself a pair of fatties and have the whole quality setup for under $200

Walkera Goggle 3

3 5.8G 32CH 360° 3D Video Glasses Goggles HDMI 800×600 SVGA


Best FPV Gear on Amazon

Crazy Pony FPV