• Brand: HQProps
  • Model: V1S
  • Availability:  Oct 17
  • Price: $3.99

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The HQProp V1S is a fantastic piece of prop that was designed by Chad Nowak. HQProp International has collaborated with Chad Nowak to bring you these fantastic piece of props.

The Design of the props ensures both power efficiency and thrusts. After testing it for a week with these props, I can say they are damn smooth and conserve alot of power. The props are designed at an angle that the is different from skitzo’s props. It has a curved on the body of the prop and that is an excellent designed. Using my f40II 2700 kv motors with Arris F390 raptors 30a, the power consumption has dropped significantly at full throttle, i managed to hit 3mins with 1300mah batts. On other brands of 5040′ i only managed to snag around 2mins 30secs.

Well you gotta try them out yourselves, I am damn impressed with the V1s

you can get them from Skyhobbies ( provided in the link above) or visit