Details: ImmersionRC 5.8 600mW w/ RaceBand VTX

  • Brand: ImmersionRC
  • Model: 600mW w/ RaceBand
  • Frequency: 5.8
  • Channels: Fatshark | Raceband
  • Antenna: SMA Female
  • Input Voltage: 2s-6s (6-25v)
  • Audio:  Yes
  • Camera Power:  5v supplied
  • Size: 2″ x 1″
  • Weight:  12 grams
  • Availability:  In stock w/US shipping
  • Price: $52-69

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ImmersionRC 5.8GHz 600mW VTX w/RaceBand

It’s not anything new or even hard to find, but we’re gonna review them anyways because we all need to be reminded of what clear video really looks like. Maybe this review is more of a “why you need a good VTX” because we all know that ImmersionRC/Fatshark is the highest quality…

If you buy cheapo everything else, make this the one brand name item you add to your fpv system

I can’t stress this point enough! A cheap VTX isn’t good and a good VTX isn’t cheap. That is just the way it is, high quality parts and craftsmanship costs money and if you expect this thing to perform day in day out under harsh conditions (yes quads are vtx killers) your going to have to anne up… at least for this part.


WTF, I can buy like 5 Boscams for this price!

Boscam, eachine, whatever your looking at for 20bux is just going to aggravate you in the long run… If you plan on transmitting video near any kind of interference… and everything will interfere like trees, random clutter on the 5.8 band there really isn’t much you can do besides… OverPower them! okay so maybe that’s not the only thing but it can help (take over the neighborhoods baby monitors) keep you locked on a solid signal.

ImmersionRC Vortex600mW! is this kinda power even legal?

Yes… and No. It really depends on where your at (check your countries regulations,EU needs a HAM license). If your that worried about it and your staying close the 400mW|200mW|25mW versions are available also and work considerable better than the cheaper brands.


Do I need Fatsharks Goggles or an  Immersion RC Receiver?

fatshark-teleporter-1No, but it does help… the transmitter is the most important part in the fpv loop here. Granted antenna, receiver and of course the camera are too but let’s send a strong clean signal first and then worry about about catching it on the other end because as base station can get considerably expensive. In the case a cheap receiver with diversity will do, check out the Quanium RC540R at HobbyKing… sic for the price~

(sit and stare at the page for 10 minutes, they will offer a lower price)



I fly fast by myself, do I really need RaceBand?

Well, no… it is definitely nice to have if anything in your area is giving you interference problems… That extra frequency can really help, but your will need a receiver w/ raceband to take advantage of it. If you are flying with others I highly suggest you get it, other pilots will appreciate it. If you really think you wont need it, its not the end of the world to go with-out those versions are usually $10 cheaper.