Here is some flight video comparing the Runcam Swift with the popular HS1177 FPV video camera. As you can see and as I expected, the performance of the two FPV cameras is pretty much identical — aside from the effects of the two different DVRs and what seems to be a lack of IR filter on the Runcam. If I was to be super critical I’d say that the Swift seems to have a small advantage in handling bright scenes (such as backlit cloud) because it doesn’t blow out the highlights quite as much as the HS1177 — but the difference is so small as to be almost unnoticeable.

If you’re wondering why the video from the Swift wasn’t tilted, I did spend the extra time to get both cameras on the same angle so as to provide the best comparison but the mounting hardware still seems to be the most disappointing aspect of this camera. Mind you, the HS1177 is no better in this regard.

In the next video I will check that the Runcam Swift works with popular FPV OSDs and also do a tear-down to examine the build-quality inside.

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Disclosure: This camera was provided for review purposes by RunCam.