Details JJPRO – P175

  • Brand: JJRC
  • Model: JJPRO P175
  • Availability:  AUG 4th
  • Price: $ 205
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JJRC JJPRO – P175 ARF X-Frame FPV Racer

Now you know that JJRC is going to jump on this “fpv racer” bandwagon, as usual they clone what you want in with their own unique twist. The JJPRO 175 looks to be another of these such offering from JJRC. Typical racer gear for an X fpv racer frame, Naze32, BLHeli 20A, RS2205’s, this thing should be crazy fast.

We’ll add the full review later when our JJPRO P175 arrives from GearBest

Also note there is a 200mm version