Details LANTIAN AiO fpv camera

  • Brand: Lantian
  • Model: AiO FPV
  • Resolution: 600X480 |1/4″CCD
  • Format: NTSC/PAL via switch/PMW
  • Lens FOV: 100°
  • Vtx: 5.8g | 25mW | 40 ch |
  • Size: 23 x 15mm
  • Weight:  5 grams
  • Voltage: DC5V~18V
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $27

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LANTIAN Mini 5.8G 40CH 25mW FPV Camera There are so many AiO cams on the market right now… renaming, re-branding, whatever happens I tend to buy them all and mount them to just about everything rc. The biggest issue with the AiO kits right now are the antennas, stock cases and voltage. Lantian has addressed these issues with their own version of the All in One micro fpv kit, so let’s take a look.

The Camera

Lantian AiO FPV cameraTypical micro cam here, 1/4 ccd 600tvl PAL/NTSC with a 100° FOV lens, pretty much standard specs. Everything looks clean and colorful, low-light isn’t really an option… basically when light is low, you’re done. The better your screen tune, the better you can fly inside under typical lighting. When I used a cheap fpv screen it was almost point-less, even with every light on in my house. Switched  over to my high end fpv screen with the settings adjusted and the picture brightness/contrast and it was perfect… I could even turn off some lights and tunnel vision my track.


The Video Transmitter

Lantian AiO FPV camera40 Channels with 25mW of power… not much, but more than enough in the house or really close outside. The trade off here is saving battery life with a low-powered vtx and combined with a good antenna on your video receiver actually works well and gives a good bit of distance and penetration.  If you’re not living in a mansion or planning on going down the street this unit is all you need.


So then what is so different?

Lantian AiO FPV cameraWell first off is that pretty little pig tail antenna! Finally someone designing these things actually tried one in the field. Sure, its been possible to remove those fragile clovers from everything previous and solder on whatever you like… but who wants to do that. Next is the case… there is none and who needs it anyways. FX was a pain and eachine had screws… just leave it off and that is what Lantian did. Thank You. Finally the channel screen and button are a welcome addition, dip switches suck and really can’t weight that much less.


Would I buy the Lantian again over all the rest of the AiO’s?

Yes, this is way better than previous AiOs. No mods needed, just stick it to your TinyWhoop (or whatever) and go.