We love our readers, and supporting their builds is our goal.

By sponsoring a give away you are provided with a unique opportunity to engage interested hobbyists without using annoying advertisements that our readers don’t want to see.

Rules & guidelines for sponsoring a give away are simple.

  1. You ship directly to the winner.
  2. Must be able to ship anywhere in the world the winner is… at YOUR expense.
  3. 100% of the charges are on YOU and Not the winner, for the prize, shipping & taxes.
  4. NO Junk, we are not interested in cheap RTF packaged drones to some random ebay store.
  5. UAV related items Only! This is for readers “build projects”.


Suggested practice for sponsoring a give away here

  • Be honest and introduce your product, this is Not an ad placement!
  • Do not require any BS, no extra hoops to jump thru…No,email list,  facebook, twitter, insta-anything. Just ship to the winner that we send you, let us take care of the rest.
  • Sponsor actual items that people here want. No one is going to help or promote a bunk product.
  • Give away more than one item. There are no marketing fee’s involved here so don’t be cheap. If you want to generate interest in a specific product or online shop… put it in people’s hands, here is your chance.


Benefits of sponsoring a give away here

Better than your going to get with high priced advertising anywhere else. There are no fee’s to UAV Review involved. No tracking, bidding or paying for an audience. You see your content here, on an active network of UAV enthusiasts eager for legitimate information and not ad-blocked or avoided by potential customers.