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Micro FPV Quadcopters

How to build a TINY WHOOP

TINY WHOOP Parts List & Build Guide – So you have seen them everywhere mashing indoors over and under furniture or just about anywhere they will fit.

Eachine QX90

Looking to build something Tiny Whoop like only with the ability to configure everything.

Frsky Vantac Q100

Pretty much the KingKong kit with a Frsky rx, which wasn’t a bad kit from the start.

Eachine Lizard 95 Brushless

I think they wanted to call it the wizard…. but somewhere someone was tired that day so we have a little purple brushless Lizard95.

Eachine X73

This one is looking more like that new fpv inductrix only configurable and ready for a Taranis

Eachine QX90C

Details Eachine QX90c Brand: Eachine Model: QX-90C Size: 118 * 118 * 70 mm Weight: 35 grams FC: SP...

How to Build the E-Whoop

a cheap knock-off that can be easily modded to hang with any real deal whoop for a fraction of the cost.

Eachine DTX03 DVR 5.8G 72CH Review

The Eachine DTX03 DVR is a mini 5.8G 72CH switchable VTX w/ Audio support. It’s a great option for those of us without an HD recording cam.

Eachine QX100 Micro FPV Racer Score 61%

Eachine QX100 Micro FPV Racer

Awesome micro X I can’t wait to see the acro from this one, Eachine has yet another micro fpv racer Bind and Fly to my DSM2 | Spektrum.

Kingkong Smart100

KingKong will not be left out of this micro game… this is their 100mm brushed quad and it looks like it has all the right parts to be the perfect micro fpv racer. Naze32 already flashed w/ Cleanflight 1.13.0 ALIENFLIGHTF1, 8520 brushed motors and its DSM2 S-BUS compatible.

`Eachine EX110

Details Eachine EX100 Brand: Eachine Model: EX-110 Size: 110mm Weight: 43g FC: Brushed F3 V1.3...

DiY Tinywhoop

Build List $83 Frame Kit $11 Beecore f3 evo flight controller $30 8520 brushed motors $12 AIO...

Super-X V2

Its small and brushless and that get my attention. I’m not sure why the battery is on top, I seems you could move it to the bottom and add a small fpv combo.

Eachine EX105

Details Eachine EX105 Brand: Eachine Model: EX-105 Size: 105mm Weight: 40g FC: F3 v1.2 Motor: 8520...

DYS ELF Brushless

DYS is still out there, and today they have released their own version of the tinywhoop killa

Youbi XV-130

It is a little clone tho, with 1306 2600kV brushless motors, 20A ESCs and that tidy little shell on a carbon fiber frame.

SPC 95X 4S Brushless Micro

Easy to lose, even easier to crash… I just can’t fork out the big bucks for yet for a really fast micro


Eachine AURORA90

Eachine Lizard95