Category: New Releases

EMAX Babyhawk

5000kV brushless on an 85mm frame with decent guards by Emax… count me in.

FrSky Taranis Q X7

The Frsky QX7 is the younger brother of the Taranis X9D plus. It has a much smaller form and is capable of what the taranis has to offer. The issue is the LCD screen which is much smaller but shouldn’t affect much. It has all the functions of the Taranis and is smart port ready.

Eachine Aurora

Details Eachine Aurora Brand: Eachine Model: Aurora Size: 118mm*118mm*70mm Weight: 72g FC:...

Warlark 80

Forget that Inductrix FPV, beebrain tinywhoops are harder to find than a bigfoot, and chinawhoops need too many mods. Check out the Warlark 80

HQProp 5040 V1S

Details Brand: HQProps Model: V1S Availability:  Oct 17 Price: $3.99 Buy Now HQPROP 5040 V1S The...

Beecore F3 EVO BeeBrain Clone

These won’t last long, so snatch one up fast. Never mind the cry babies bitching about everything being a clone, you gotta do what you can to get in the air with what you can afford~

Diatone Crusader GT2 150

Using diatone guts or not, this is the hottest 150 frame out! Tight 3mm carbon X frame sporting that low convertible top

Eachine Goggles Two

Upgraded from the First version Eachine goggles one. The Eachine goggles two have added a new features

Youbi XV-130

It is a little clone tho, with 1306 2600kV brushless motors, 20A ESCs and that tidy little shell on a carbon fiber frame.

Eachine E010 FPV Kit

Again with the clones, tho I’m not sure how excited I am about this one

Super-X V2

Its small and brushless and that get my attention. I’m not sure why the battery is on top, I seems you could move it to the bottom and add a small fpv combo.

DiY Tinywhoop

Build List $83 Frame Kit $11 Beecore f3 evo flight controller $30 8520 brushed motors $12 AIO...

Cheerson 117

Cheerson has been making tiny quads for some time now, usually just cheap RTF crap but at least that gives them some experience jumping into this DIY micro fpv racer game.

Eachine QX70

It’s not the quality of a real whoop, but its hella cheap and compatible with all 3 of the usual transmitters.
so I dub this clone from here on out, the…”TinyPoop”.