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Awesome E90 frame kit

The Awesome E90 kit for $10 is kinda a cool place to start a cheap brushless micro


JJRC usually doesn’t release something unless it’s at least been tested and fly’s out of the box

SPC 95X 4S Brushless Micro

Easy to lose, even easier to crash… I just can’t fork out the big bucks for yet for a really fast micro

DYS ELF Brushless

DYS is still out there, and today they have released their own version of the tinywhoop killa

Eachine Lizard 95 Brushless

I think they wanted to call it the wizard…. but somewhere someone was tired that day so we have a little purple brushless Lizard95.

Fatshark Attitude V4

New Fatsharks 10th year with the brand new AttitudeV4 Anniversary Edition headset

Raceflight Revolt V2 Flight Controller Review

The RaceFlight Revolt flight controller is the most advanced, performance driven, flight controller ever designed. Capable of running 32kHz gyro sample and PID loop, the Revolt is truly at the top of its class. The Revolt uses a F405 MPU and a super secret gyro (SSG) in combination with RaceFlight software to give you the BEST performance possible.

HGLRC XJB-75 Brushless

Looking for something with a little more juice..? The XJB-75 is nuts with OneShot and up to 4s brushless

Frsky Vantac Q100

Pretty much the KingKong kit with a Frsky rx, which wasn’t a bad kit from the start.

X73S 73mm Brushless ARF

I like small brushless things that don’t cost much and well… the X73S is exactly that. Not much bigger than all the whoops and already pre flashed with betaflight just bind and be in the air for at least 5 minutes.

Frsky M9 Gimbal For Taranis X9D & X9D Plus

The Frsky M9 gimbal finally has arrived as an upgrade thats better than the stock gimbals for the Taranis! The M9 was initially for the FRsky Horus but Frsky have finally put it up for sale!

EMAX Babyhawk

5000kV brushless on an 85mm frame with decent guards by Emax… count me in.

FrSky Taranis Q X7

The Frsky QX7 is the younger brother of the Taranis X9D plus. It has a much smaller form and is capable of what the taranis has to offer. The issue is the LCD screen which is much smaller but shouldn’t affect much. It has all the functions of the Taranis and is smart port ready.

Eachine Aurora

Details Eachine Aurora Brand: Eachine Model: Aurora Size: 118mm*118mm*70mm Weight: 72g FC:...

Warlark 80

Forget that Inductrix FPV, beebrain tinywhoops are harder to find than a bigfoot, and chinawhoops need too many mods. Check out the Warlark 80

HQProp 5040 V1S

Details Brand: HQProps Model: V1S Availability:  Oct 17 Price: $3.99 Buy Now HQPROP 5040 V1S The...

Beecore F3 EVO BeeBrain Clone

These won’t last long, so snatch one up fast. Never mind the cry babies bitching about everything being a clone, you gotta do what you can to get in the air with what you can afford~