Category: New Releases

Emax Babyhawk-R

Pack’in an F3 Magnum flight controller, 6000kV brushless motors and a flytower esc this thing is gonna rip

Atlas 450 FPV Micro Wing

You know you want a brushless micro FPV wing for under $100, then the Oversky Atlas 450 is where its at.

Eachine EX1

I’m not sure if Eachine is just getting desperate or they really aim to clone everything out there

Mantis 85

Looking for a cheap Bind n Fly, check out the Mantis 85

FuriBee Q95

I’m all about my Furibee’s lately


KingKong has been known to just show up with some kick ass stuff at killer prices

Gofly-RC Falcon CP90

Brand: GOFLY RC Model: CP90 Size: 90mm Weight: 24 grams Price: $ 16 Buy...

RunCam Split 2

If you are into stack’in… take a look at the new Split 2.

Runcam Night Eagle 2

No one does low-light like runcam, beginning with the owl, owl2 then the Night Eagle and now the Night Eagle 2.

Awesome E90 frame kit

The Awesome E90 kit for $10 is kinda a cool place to start a cheap brushless micro


JJRC usually doesn’t release something unless it’s at least been tested and fly’s out of the box