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Eachine Wizard X220 Review

The Eachine Wizard X220 is the best RTF kit ever made by Eachine. Its packed with power and is one of the cheapest Ready to fly Racing Drone

Syma X5HW

Syma’s answer is the X5HW coming in under $50 and ready to fly fpv out of the box.

Walkera Rodeo 150 Review

The Walkera Rodeo is the best RTF micro on the market right now. Yes you can spend more and get more, but here is a hobby grade, ready to fly package that is easy to configure, performs awesome and is with-in most peoples budgets.

Eachine Blade 185

With all the Falcon 180 hype Eachine quietly slipped in this new Blade 185, odd thing is it looks awfully similar to some other frame kits… if you ask me, Eachine is watching facebook.

Falcon 180 frame kit

Okay, so your not that “ready to fly” type… your all about building it the way you want yet somehow this Falcon 180 has caught your eye, well no worries Eachine has you covered.

Dromida Vista RTF Quadcopter

If your looking to get into the quadcopter hobby the Dromida Vista is a great way to start. Sturdy, Lightweight, and Ready to FLY!


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