• Brand: SunnySky
  • Model: Edge and Edge Lite
  • Size: 2205/2480kv
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Weight:  30 grams
  • Battery: 2-4s
  • Max Current: 30A/10s
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $22.95

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SunnySky Edge and Edge Lite Racing Series Motors

Big thank you to SunnySky for the samples to test and review! SunnySky Edge and Edge Lite motors are available in many different sizes from 2204 – 2206 and in range of 2100kv – 2600kv. We got to test the Edge and Edge Lite 2205/2480kv versions. The weight on both motors is right around 30 grams. Both have a hollow 5mm shaft. To be honest, the only major difference in the two is the SunnySky Edge Lite series have silver plated windings to help with better resistance properties. After trying them out I think they might be onto something with this silver plated windings. The Edge Lite series motors flew amazingly! The SunnySky Edge Lite would come down just a tad warm on a 5040V2 triblade on 4s and 30a ESCs.

Flew great, crashed hard…

I love the way these SunnySky Edge motors performed in the air but as soon as I crashed out the first time I was pretty disappointed. The mounting holes in the bottom of the SunnySky Edge motor are located on an extremely thin section of the aluminum. The provided bolts are great, but not only is the aluminum thin but it also seems soft. The motor bolts eventually pulled free from three out of four motors. Better bolts or maybe some mounting tape between the motor and the arm would help with stress on the bolts. I’m currently not a fan in comparison to the other 2205/30g motors available at this time. The SunnySky Edge Lite will produce an insane amount of thrust but one or two good crashes and you have some stripped motors.