• Brand: Brother’sHobby
  • Model: Tornado T1
  • Size: 2205/2633kv
  • Material: 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum/ N52H 
  • Weight:  29.4 grams
  • Max Suggested Temp: 112 deg C
  • Max Thrust: 1500 grams (6040) @ 40A+
  • Availability:  In stock
  • Price: $24.99

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BrotherHobby took me to the Land of OZ with these Tornado Motors

So first, can I just say a special thanks to Davis Deng with BrotherHobby for providing these motors to test out and review. I had been talking to some friends in the industry about using thicker N52H or N52SH magnets because of the amount of temperature tolerance they would have for demag and …. Poof! All the sudden BrotherHobby comes out with these N52H 2mm aircraft grade aluminum beasts! When I heard the specs I couldn’t wait to try them. The Tornado Motors T1 series is a 2205/2633kv. To me it’s considered a high kv motor. This means on no matter how epic it may be in durability, design and power… When you run large props, your current draw is going to be high (40A+)

Blown away by the Tornado Motors!

I ran the Tornado Motors on the bench first and ended up blowing a 35a ESC. It definitely got quite toasty with some 6040 and 6045 props but was still happy to play when I strapped it to the quad later with the other 3 brand new motors. I have a feeling that the 6045 props pull 50A+ and my fail-safes kick in right at 50A. Blew two 35a ESC’s at that rate on 4s.  The motors were very hot but seemed to run fine.

Testing the Tornado Motors, broken frames, hot motors!

I used the Tornado Motors T1 2205/2633kv on my 180 with some 4040*3, 4045bn*3, and some 4040*4 props along with some 20a ESCs. I was really tempted to strap it to the 250 with some 5045*5 blades and just see how hot I could run them but I didn’t have any 50A ESCs in abundance at the time. With a 4040*4 and an AUW of 390g with a 1300mah 4s this thing would scream. Motors would come down pretty warm, but still flying like a champ. I really can’t wait to get some high amperage ESCs and some 6S 1000mah batteries and put these motors to a real test. I’m so excited to get to play with these Tornado Motors T1 series, and the T2 2300kv and 2600kv series have just been announced.

Concluding on the Tornado Motors T1s

Using high temperature magnets will be the wave of the future. When we can get some N52SH and some epic laminate that will hold up we can look forward to $100 motors that can run at 210 deg C at 75k RPM. I’m so impressed by these motors. I’ve got them so hot that they should be on fire, smashed them so hard they should be in tons of pieces, and run them to the brink of my abilities, now I just have to wait for a new frame to put them on. Get some! You wont be disappointed!