If you would like Mr Steele or one of the Rotor Riot pilots to visit your town, please fill out the form here…

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We think it’s super-important to preserve FPV multirotor culture. This community is like no other! One way we can do this is by connecting with people and meeting them face to face.
Not everyone can afford to go to events and travel to meet others, so Mr Steele put forth an invitation. He wants to visit groups around the world that are passionate about growing this awesome hobby and sport! If you have an inspirational story to tell, a unique way to grow our awesome community, and you’re willing to put up with Mr Steele… we want to get to know you!

It’s our dream to build Rotor Riot as a brand that represents what the community stands for. From pilots to engineers to friends and family, we want to seek out genuine people that are making an impact. We want to give them a stage to share their passion!

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